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Kate is a prolific writer, blogger and storyteller. She is currently working on Natural Magick - a sequel to Coven of One, as well as several other projects.

Kate lives and works in Cornwall  with her partner and two sons.
She says of her home - "Cornwall is a full of inspiration, but don't expect to settle here unless you like rugged in your landscape, mist in your rain or lard in your food." .

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Kate's first novel: Coven of One is   published by Opening Chapter and is available as a paperback book through the usual channels, or direct from the publisher. Click here for more.

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There is a lot more to come from Kate.

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Coven of One

ISBN: 1-904958-04-4

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"Read it.  I can promise you a bewitching experience that will stay with you long after you turn the final page."
Debi Alper, author of Nirvana Bites.

Interview with journalist and writer Susan Abraham
"Other éscape routes designed for pleasurable destinations include reading in the bath with a glass of wine and sandwich. Here Bousfield has no favourites except perhaps for Bach's Jonathan Livingstone Seagull. "Any author who can draw me in with their painted words will find me coming back for more. I am open to anyone and anything although I have a slight leaning towards science fantasy."

Bousfield who watches very little tv and sees writing as pure relaxation also owns up to other pleasures that include "being partial to a spot of drinking, dining out and camping in remote parts of the country. Oh...and buying shoes. "You can't find any high heels on a beach in Cornwall," she laments."

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